The game Shadow Fight 2 is another exciting development of the NEKKI team in the genre of Action on Android. The first game " shadow Fight” broke the world of gamers with its success, and the creators of the game decided not to stop there and released a sequel, which also quickly became a hit.

The game's plot takes place in a world of sweaty martial arts and the presence of various demons in it. And it all started like this… A wanderer finds the Gate of Shadows and opens it. Something breaks out that takes away his body and leaves only his soul.Shadow Fight 2 for tabletHis soul shows itself to us like a shadow. And along with the opening of the gate, the ghosts of dead warriors and demons break out into this world.

Now his soul must rid the world of evil spirits, and the main task is to close the gate of Shadows back. So begins your story in the game.

The game has six different worlds that you will need to go through. But do not rush to rush into battle, but first visit the training hall and hone the techniques and tactics of combat.

Defeating demons and souls of warriors, you will earn local currency, and use it to buy ammunition, armor and various weapons. For each type of weapon, there is a different style of martial arts.Shadow Fight 2 AndroidControl is carried out by two buttons, kick and hand kick. The hero's movement is controlled by a joystick. 

During an unequal battle, the hero of the game will lose strength, which is restored for about an hour.

Colorful background view, high-quality voice acting and excellent musical accompaniment will keep you in a constant tone.

Definitely, the game is worthy to take up space on your device.

Also, the game Shadow Fight 2 for Android can be downloaded in the official Google Play app.

Shadow Fight 2

Total ratings: 5
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Required Android version 4.1+
Latest Update 12.10.2020
Size (Google Play) 145.47 Mb
Age limit 12+
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