Download Telegram apk for tablet and smartphone.

Telegram or in the common people Cart, is a very popular social network for Android today.

More recently, Telegram was inferior to the WhatsApp messenger one position in the ranking of the most downloaded applications for Android, but everything may one day change.

Functions and capabilities of the Telegram messenger.

The Telegram application today is not inferior in popularity even to Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp, and given some features, it even surpasses them.

telegram for android 
The number of installations of the Telegram application on mobile devices is simply off scale, and the number of users around the world is growing at a tremendous speed every day. And there is a logical explanation for this.

Why is Telegram so interested in everyone?

  1. Probably the most important reason is the complete confidentiality of your data. All user data is classified and there is no information leak. Many specials. services have tried to hack it, but have not yet achieved the result. And Pavel refuses to provide the decryption keys for the data.
  2. Chat presence. You can create, like a group chat, or communicate with a person in person. You can call or write a message, with no restrictions.
  3. Data transfer rate. Their servers are located in different parts of the world, which allows them to achieve incredible information transfer rates.
  4. All your correspondence and data are stored in the cloud, and it is not possible to lose them.
  5. Ease of use and ease of navigation of the application.
  6. Simple and non-intrusive design.
  7. Absolutely free to use.
  8. A lot of loudness. The messenger supports almost all languages of the world, which makes it superior among competitors.

Who developed Telegram?

His parent was the former creator and owner of the social city VKontakte - Pavel Durov.

After a loud departure and the sale of his part of the shares of VKontakte, Pavel left for America and there assembled a team that began to develop the best messenger that would conquer the whole world.

And he succeeded. By the way, Pavel is so confident in the reliability of the security of data transmission and the protection of his users that he announced a reward of $ 1 million to anyone who can hack the correspondence of at least one of the Telegram users.

Telegram for PC.

The messenger was developed not only for mobile devices, but also for personal computers. Like WhatsApp Web, Telegram has an online Web version (Telegram Web), which can be used through a browser by going to Or install Telegram on your PC using a special utility.

Telegram app apk
The interface and capabilities of the mobile version and the computer version are not very different and perform the same functions.

  • After downloading Telegram, send text and media messages to other subscribers.
  • Make video calls or send audio messages.
  • Send interesting videos, pictures and photos.
  • Create interest groups and chat in group chats.
  • Instant messaging, even with poor internet quality.

Like other messengers, Telegram has a number of its advantages and disadvantages, but this is an individual choice of everyone. You can download Telegram apk for android both on our website and in the official Google Play application.


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