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Telegram or in the common people Cart, is a very popular social network for Android today.

Someone believes that this is the development of another social network Vkontakte, but this is not entirely true. The developer and Creator of Vkontakte is initially considered to be Pavel Durov, but with the arrival of the peak of popularity of his development (as is customary with us, the project was squeezed out of him), he sold his part of the shares and now does not relate to it.Download Telegram to your tabletWith the proceeds, Pavel had a little fun and decided to create a new project, where there will be only one shareholder, and the social network will be on demand and cooler than his first brainchild. So, in General, it turned out.

Telegram today in its popularity is not inferior even to Facebook. The download of the Telegram app is simply off the scale, and the number of users around the world is growing every day.Telegram on a tabletWhy is everyone so interested in this social network? 

  1. Probably the biggest reason this condition not.  All user data is classified and there is no information leakage. Many special services have tried to hack it, but the result has not yet been achieved. And the keys to decrypt the data, Paul refuses to provide them.
  2. Presence of a chat. You can create, as well as group chat, and communicate with a person in person. You can call or write a message.
  3. The speed of data transmission. Their servers are located in different parts of the world, which allows you to achieve an incredible speed of information transfer.
  4. All your correspondence and data are stored in the cloud, and it is not possible to lose them.
  5. Easy to use and easy to navigate app.
  6. Simple and non-Intrusive design.
  7. Completely free to use.
  8. Multilingualism. Of course, there is also Russian. As without it) 

The program was also developed for the PC, but since in today's realities the PC has gone by the wayside, the Telegram application for Android is extremely popular.

You can download Telegram for Android both on our website and in the official Google Play Market app.
Additional Information
Required Android version 4.1+
Latest Update 14.10.2020
Size (Google Play) 50.05 Mb
Age limit 12+
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