Another interesting arcade game from the Ubisoft Entertainment development team, which immerses the player in the underwater world.

In this game, you get the role of a sea dweller. First, you start your underwater journey with a small tiger shark, and then turn into a huge and terrible killer that eats everything in its path.Hungry Shark Evolution on your tabletThe game is immediately associated with the movie Jaws, as here the shark eats people. But you still need to grow up to this).

Having received a small predator at the beginning of the game, you need to swim through the expanses of the ocean and eat a lot. Food will be almost anything that swims and crawls, with the exception of jellyfish, venomous fish and those that are larger than you.

The more the shark eats, the faster it grows. If it does not find food and starves, then the life force is lost and your fish dies. There will be an opportunity to eat divers, fishermen, swimmers, and if you try hard, then vacationers on the beach.Hungry Shark Evolution AndroidEndless expanses of the ocean and 45 different and exciting levels. Earn points, prizes and bonuses, and use them to pump your pet. 

Easy control (using the joystick and acceleration button), excellent graphics and music will bring a great mood during the game. 

Download Hungry Shark Evolution for Android you can both on our website and in the official app Play Market.

Hungry Shark Evolution

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Required Android version 4.1+
Latest Update 27.10.2020
Size (Google Play) 98.88 Mb
Age limit 16+
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