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Pedometer app for Android is a free step counter and calorie consumption.

Unfortunately, in our time, we are less and less began to walk, and use transport for movement. The fact that walking to work and even living in a big city is out of the question. But do you just remember how often you go for a walk in the Park or just around the city?Pedometer for your phoneTo maintain health, a person needs to take 5,000 to 10,000 steps a day. These are not my arguments, but the advice of doctors, the same nutritionists. When a person walks, his muscles act as a pump for blood circulation, at least this is useful for the heart.

Of course, we don't need to count the steps ourselves or calculate the approximate distance we walk. To do this, the developers of Simple Design Ltd. have created a special application Pedometer, which will count everything for us. You will only need to enter the dаta: specify gender, height and weight.

Installed the program on your phone, turned it on in the morning when you leave the house and that's it. It counts not only the steps you have taken, but also calculates the average value of calories you have spent.

People who monitor their weight and eat right (PP) always keep a count of calories consumed. And of course they need to control how many calories they got, how much they spent, and how much they left, and put it in their sides.

The program is completely free and saves battery power, which is also quite important. You can pause the counter at any time, or reset it and turn it on again. Statistics are kept for each day, showing records and achievements.

Modern design, easy navigation, easy to use, supports Russian language.

You can download the Pedometer both on our website and in the official Google Play Store app.
Additional Information
Required Android version 4.4+
Latest Update 19.09.2020
Size (Google Play) 11 Mb
Age limit 3+
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