Pinterest download apk for android.

Pinterest is a popular social network that brings together millions of creative people and users who are inspired by this creativity in one place.

For some, this is more than social. network, because this is a whole library of pictures, tips, hobbies and many other interesting ideas.

Here everyone can find answers to any question or topic of interest. If you are interested, then all you need to do is download Pinterest for Android.

Pinterest download apk

Features of Pinterest

  • Not sure what to cook today? No problem…
  • Interested in an interior for renovation? No problem…
  • Do you want to know what clothes are in trend? Easily…
  • Or maybe you want to sew something yourself? Sure, not a problem…
  • Or don’t know which car is better? Learn ...
  • How to organize a wedding or a party in an original way? Ideas are hidden here ...

All creative and other questions can be easily answered on Pinterest. Be it: recipes, cars, fashion, clothes, flowers, renovations, interiors, humor or games. Anything. Millions of users share their impressions, emotions, ideas or works with other people for free. Like Instagram, Pinterest has the idea of posting and sharing pictures and photos.

Functionality of Pinterest.

Like any social network, Pinterest for Android is divided into two directions, in which some maintain accounts for interest and spiritual satisfaction, and others for earnings.

  1. Business accounts - a block with pins (Photos, pictures, road maps, infographics) from representatives of different firms and companies. As well as the owners of information blogs and sites, which with the help of their page (directory) redirect target visitors to their resource.
  2. These are personal interests or your own accounts. Here people share their best practices, ideas, recipes or just creativity.

In both directions, information activities are carried out, and subscriber bases are collected. Only some make money on it, while others just enjoy it.

Pinterest to your computer.

Although the social network has an official website, on the network I often meet the request "Download Pinterest on a computer." Does it make sense to install separate software on your computer if you can use the browser version of the social network? Here, of course, everyone's choice.

Pinterest on PC
Downloading Pinterest to a laptop or personal computer is possible only with the use of an android emulator. It is a program to install any android application or game on your PC.

Since the emulator is quite demanding on the system, I personally do not consider this method advisable. Why load your computer when there is a browser version of Pinterest.

When you first enter the software, you will be prompted to register. There are two ways to register a Pinterest account:

  1. Through your email.
  2. Synchronize your account via the Facebook social network.

Pinterest is not possible without registration. After successful registration, you need to fill out your profile (so that other members can find you) and start looking for topics that interest you in order to receive new content in a timely manner.

The pros and cons of Pinterest

Like any other app, Pinterest has a number of advantages and disadvantages.


  • Convenient interface.
  • Clear navigation, nothing more. Any novice user can figure it out.
  • Ads are neatly hidden inside the pins and most people don't even know about it. And this is another ode of chips, which many other social networks do not have. networks.
  • A large assortment of pictures of any subject and direction.
  • Huge selection of categories.
  • Unlimited communication with other network users.
  • Incredibly easy and efficient content search.
  • The ability to share your find with friends on other social networks.
  • Supports most of the known languages.


  • There is no way to download videos or pictures. Be sure to use third-party resources.
  • Mandatory registration. Without registration, you will not be able to enjoy all the benefits of Pinterest.

The Pinterest app for Android is completely identical in design and functionality to the computer version. If you often use Pinterest on your PC, then the mobile version of the application will become an irreplaceable addition for traveling, trips or hiking, but it will also come in handy for a pleasant pastime while working :)

You can download Pinterest for Android for free both on our website and in the official Play Store application.


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