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Pinterest is one of the biggest social networks. In 2012, it ranked third, after Facebook. 

For some, it is more than a social network, it is a whole library that will find answers to any question or topic that interests you.Download Pinterest to your phoneDon't know what to cook today? Interested in interior renovation? Do you want to know what clothes are trending?  Or maybe you want to sew something yourself? Or do you not know which car is better?

Answers to all creative and other questions can easily be found on Pinterest. Whether it's recipes, cars, fashion, clothes, flowers, repairs, interior design, humor or games. Yes, anything…

The Pinterest social network is divided into two areas. 

First. Business accounts – a block with pins from representatives of different firms and companies. As well as owners of informational blogs and websites that use their page (catalog) to redirect targeted visitors to their resource.

Second. These are personal interests or your own accounts. Here people share their best practices, ideas, recipes or just creativity.Pinterest on your smartphoneIn both directions, information activities are conducted, and subscriber databases are collected. Only some people earn money from it, and others just enjoy it.

User-friendly interface, clear navigation, nothing superfluous. Advertising is carefully hidden inside the pins and most do not even know about it. And this is also an ode to the chips that many other social networks do not have.

You can download apk Pinterest for Android both on our website and in the official Google Play app.
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Required Android version 4.1+
Latest Update 10.12.2020
Size (Google Play) 65.73 Mb
Age limit 12+
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