Tank Stars

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Tank Stars is a popular arcade game for Android from the Playgendary development team.

The toy does not have a specific plot and scenario and is a universal tool to kill time.
The essence of the game is quite simple, this is a tank battle. This arcade game consists of 64 levels, which become more complicated as it passes.Tank Stars AndroidFirst, you need to choose a tank on which to conduct combat battles. Each combat vehicle has its own secrets and super shells.

It is necessary to wage war with full awareness of tactics and strategies. The accuracy of hitting and hitting the enemy depends on how accurately you aim the sight.

At first glance, all the fights are monotonous, and there is an opinion that the game is banal and boring. But during the game there is excitement and a desire to play again and again. 

The variety of shells gives a zest to this development. And to make it a little more fun on the battlefield, the developers added sheep and cows walking nearby. When hit by a projectile, they fly to pieces, which smooths out a miss on the enemy. Tank Stars apk

What is it so interested in millions of users:

  1. The simple idea of the game. 
  2. Easy graphics.
  3. Not an Intrusive soundtrack. 
  4. Convenient operation.
  5. Simple and intuitive interface.
  6. A variety of live projectiles and special effects when they explode.
  7. Ability to upgrade weapons.

Battles of star tanks will interest not only children, but also the older generation. After all, we are all children at heart…

You can download Tank Stars for Android both on our website and in the official Google Play app.
Additional Information
Required Android version 5.0+
Latest Update 21.09.2020
Size (Google Play) 128 Mb
Age limit 7+
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