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Roblox is a game in the genre of “adventure " on Android, which was created in 2006, but the popularity came to it only now. The toy is designed for both personal computers and gadgets. The essence of the game between the PC and the Gadget is almost the same, but it has its limitations.
In order to start playing, you need to register in Roblox and enter your username and password. After that, you will have access to a whole virtual world with millions of real users.Download Roblox to your smartphoneThe idea of the developers is to create players ' own games inside the platform, independently develop the design, character and of course the plot itself. Any user can create an adventure, role-playing and educational game of any genre: detective, racing, arcade, sandbox or action.

The only drawback of the Roblox version for Android is that it does not have an editor, and only the game function is available in the created worlds. But this does not make it less attractive and interesting.

Most of the worlds in the platform are created by the players themselves and only a few developers. Not the graphics, not the gameplay is not particularly difficult, but on the contrary everything is extremely simple, they are created for novice players.

By choosing or creating a character to your liking or likeness, you only have to choose what you will play, whether it's an arcade game, a race track, a war against zombies, flying a spaceship, managing a hospital and other types.  There are worlds created under Counter strike or even under GTA...Roblox on your phoneThe choice of worlds is really huge, more than a thousand mini-games and among this impressive assortment, you will definitely find something to play. Despite the fact that every day there are new developments in it.

You can play it together with your friends by sending them a chat message, writing where and in what world you will be waiting for them. In General, the game turned out to be interesting and popular among millions of users.

You can download Roblox for Android both on our website and through the Play Market app.
Additional Information
Required Android version 4.4+
Latest Update 05.12.2020
Size (Google Play) 92 Mb
Age limit 7+
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