About Us...

We are a team of enthusiastic nerds who, each in his own way, loves his job. All of us are united by a deep interest in technology, gameplay and just the management of our project.

  Alex Pazli.

Journalist, editor and just a great guy.
She loves to play various Android games, test applications, and then review them.
For hours he can talk about games, applications, game consoles, gadgets and everything connected with it.

  Dasha Monza.

SEO specialist. Cheerful, energetic, sociable girl.
SEO is the first generation administrator. He spends a lot of time studying and testing new methods of promoting web resources. Work experience since 2017.

  Philip Truman.

Sysadmin, developer, great guy at first glance, but still a curmudgeon.
He develops websites from scratch, is engaged in layout of templates, has a passion for programming languages. Programming from the diaper.
Keeps track of the technical affairs of our project. He can admire his creation for hours. 

Together, we are a team. And our main goal is to make a site that can offer you unlimited access to downloads of a huge number of games and applications for Android. Provide accurate product information and secure download of installation files.