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All smartphone owners view a huge amount of different video content on their device, TV series, movies or just short videos, but not always standard video players can cope with their task and for this they sometimes need to resort to the help of third-party video players. 

Fortunately, there are a large number of them on the Internet, but not all of them are as good as we would like. Some have convenient functionality, but do not support some of the formats, while others do the opposite. Some have many built-in codecs, while others require additional installations. Today we will look at the most popular and time-tested programs for watching videos on android. Of course, they are not perfect, but they cope with their task quite well.

MX Player

MX Player is the most popular and popular video player today. This application has everything you need to watch videos: Many built-in plugins, codecs and support for almost all existing formats, multi-core and hardware decoding, supports most subtitles and much more.
download MX Player for androidAt one time, the Showbox application for watching movies, included the mandatory installation of this player for better performance and full functionality. Many users, having installed showbox for free viewing of movies, complained that part of TV shows and movies is not played. Just standard video players could not cope and therefore resorted to MX Player.

VLC player

VLC Player is an absolutely free app that is perfect for watching videos on your tablet or TV. The interface is simple and convenient. It has the functions of adjusting the brightness, rewinding the video with a gesture on the screen. It makes it possible not only to watch video files,but also to play music.
download VLC player for androidIts popularity was initially acquired among users of personal computers, and after it was developed for mobile devices. Plays all formats of audio files and videos. It has a huge codec base, which makes it easy to call it a multimedia player.


SPlayer is a fairly young development, but it has absorbed almost all the shortcomings of many different players. Its popularity began to gain thanks to the application for free viewing of movies and TV series Cinehub. Like Showbox with MXPlayer, Cinehub has chosen the best and advises its users to watch videos with it. download SPlayer for androidSupports all known video formats, subtitle settings, easy and convenient operation. With a finger gesture, you can add or decrease the volume, increase the screen, adjust the brightness, and rewind the movie. It does not require the installation of additional plugins and codecs.  SPlayer is completely free to use and has no internal advertising.


BSPlayer is a lesser-known player, but not inferior to MXPlayer in its abilities. The app also supports almost all video formats and has built-in plugins and codecs. It is easy to manage, but has a number of minor disadvantages. 
download BSPlayer for androidThe design of the program has not changed for quite a long time and lags far behind its predecessors in appearance. It has two versions: paid and free. In the free version, when you watch a video, an ad appears. It is not intrusive, but still there. That get, interferes with the normal movies.

Watching videos is an integral part of everyday life in the world of the digital age, and the quality and convenience of viewing video content will depend on which video player you install on your device.
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Required Android version 4.1+
Latest Update 12.01.2021
Age limit 7+

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